Dark Blue Large Plastic Free Biodegradable Food Container - Plain

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Our medium plastic free jar in dark blue is ideal for storing coffee, tea, beans, lentils – any dry foods in the kitchen. It will keep them dry, fresh, ready for action and toxin free.

This biodegradable food container is made from a plant based material called Polylactic Acid (PLA). Lactic Acid is completely natural and our material does not contain any animal products, so it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It’s nice and light and is also safe to drop as it will just bounce, not break.

Dimensions –

Volume 1 Litre

110mm diameter

148mm height

330g weight

Note - our jars are not dishwasher safe, please hand wash only and do not use in the microwave. It will be fine in your freezer, fridge or sink, though!

Our products are hand crafted in our workshop based near Stroud in the Cotswolds.

They are 3D printed and every single one is hand finished and carefully inspected. We have designed and crafted them to last for years, to be plant-based and to be biodegradable.

Fantastic Plant Plastic

🌱 Plant-Based:  Our products are made out of polylactic acid (PLA), a plant-based bioplastic. The material is created by fermenting plant sugars - e.g. carrots - and processed into the raw material that we craft into our jars and lunchboxes. Micro-organisms - both fungi and bacteria - do the fermenting!

🐞 Biodegradable: If after years of useful life you want to compost any one of our products, simply put it in an insulated compost bin. Add a handful of soil to introduce the composting process and as it matures, turn it fortnightly to keep the naturally occurring microbes working.

👅 No Taste:  Unlike many plastics, PLA is tasteless - making it excellent for holding high quality foods such as gourmet coffee and tea, or your lunch....

🐝 No Toxins: PLA does not contain or release any toxins and is completely bisphenol A (BPA) free.

💪Strong: Drop one of our products onto a stone floor and it’ll just bounce and be fine - the lid is likely to stay on too!

🌾 Foodsafe: Our containers are foodsafe for dry goods but avoid wet or damp foods such as cheese or butter.

☔️ Doesn’t take on water: The walls are 100% solid, so it doesn’t absorb water when washed. It won’t dissolve either!

❄️ Fine in Freezers and Fridges: Fantastic for storing food in fridges and freezers.

⏱ Long Lasting:  Our products will give you years of service.

Here are our simple tips to look after them -

☂️ Dry Goods Only: Not guaranteed to be waterproof, so use it for dry goods, not liquids.

💧 Hand-wash Only: Hand-wash normally in your sink – it will be fine to about 50℃ and that’s about as hot as you can suffer when hand-washing, even with rubber gloves on.

🔥 No Ovens, No Microwaves, No Dishwashers: Avoid heating the container above 50℃ and keep away from direct heat.