Organic Food Storage

Do you buy organic rice?  Then don't undo all the good work the farmer has done storing your organic food in containers that leach toxins into the food.  There is a broad set of established scientific research showing that bisphenol A (BPA) and its substitutes such as BPF and BPS are harmful to human health.  So avoid plastic storage containers.  Did you know that metal food containers often have plastic liners and hence present the same problems as plastic ones. OK glass is toxin free, but it's generally viewed as unsafe in commercial kitchens.  So go with a plastic-free food container that also avoids the hazards of broken glass and risk of tiny glass shards in your food.  So if you buy organic rice then it follows you should store it such plastic free food containers as these beautiful art objects from Bioaware.

  • No taste transfer from container to food as polylactic acid (PLA) is taste free
  • No toxins as PLA is a natural substance (in your body and many foods) highly compatible with your metabolism and immune system
  • Long life (think decade) and biodegradable at the end of its life
  • Lightweight and durable enough to take refill shopping if you wish

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