Small (S) Food Containers - 0.25 Litres - "Snacks"

Our small biodegradable jars are perfect for storing herbs and spices.  Also they are great for taking snacks with you when you are out and about.  This quarter litre size fits neatly in your pocket or backpack.  Its rounded edges make it easy to slide in and comfortable to carry about.  This quantity of say nuts and fruits will keep you going for the bulk of the day.

Furthermore they are good for those bits and bobs that don't have a place to go. Hair ties, jewellery, paper clips.  No toxins. No taste. Zero waste.

Once the lid is on this container is exactly symmetrical in terms of the height of the lid versus the height of the base.  You know which way up to hold it when unscrewing the lid as the lid has text on it.  Once open the base has a neck to it making it taller than the lid. 


Dimensions - 

Volume 0.25 Litres

110 mm diameter

50 mm height with lid on, 40mm without lid

180g weight


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