About Us

Join our journey where we are making innovative plastic free food containers for you to use. We started this business as a way to make real our saying of "love our planet - live plastic free." We aim to provide practical alternatives to plastic and to throw-away culture.

The things needed to make this vision real? Let's start with a great team working in a co-operative way. Add in a bit of science, biotechnology, some engineering, then some politics, social responsibility, a little philosophy and a whole lot of patience. Include taking care of environmental impact and crafting a sustainable future, round it out with forging sustainable business processes with a constructive role in the community.

We want to help stop our world’s dependency on plastic and in our own small way want to help save the planet. We had to start somewhere, so we started here. It’s ‘bioplastic’, it works, it looks great and it treads lightly on the planet. That’s us…

Children have said that Bioaware is “Hope in a Jar”. This is why we exist.

Humanity is facing a triple crisis - climate, environment, and our wellbeing or health. A key driver behind environmental and wellbeing deterioration is pollution or toxins. Consequently, we believe in:

  • A circular and sustainable lifecycle for the things we use – things that come from the soil and return to the soil.
  • Joining in and changing the world through action - by manifesting actual things that make a difference and inspire others to catalyse change. Let science lead.
  • Providing substitutes and practical alternatives.
  • Harnessing existing, viable and proven technologies to accelerate bringing about changes needed in the world.
  • Long life, durable, strong and robust goods.
  • That personal, household and industrial items are best made of natural materials so they come from and return to nature without toxins.