Plastic Free Lunchboxes Coming Soon!

Great for school or work, these plastic free lunchboxes pack a meal without packing landfill with plastic. Made from Polylactic Acid, our plant-based lunchboxes are fully biodegradable and if treated with love and care, will last for years. When it’s time to move on, simply put it in your compost heap and it will fully biodegrade - in stark contrast to plastic lunchboxes, most of which will outlive us all.

plastic free lunchboxes at a market stall in various coloursblack and silver plastic free lunchboxes showing food in it. orange and blue plastic free lunchbox

The food we put in plastic containers and lunchboxes can become contaminated when it comes into contact with the plastic. Our lunchboxes are plastic and BPA free and do not flavour the contents or pass on toxins. No Toxins. No Taste. Zero Waste.

Packing a zero-waste lunch has never been easier. Say goodbye to the old toxic plastic boxes with poorly fitting lids and say hello to these sleek and unique lunch boxes, all made from plant based Polylactic Acid.

Our lids are a unique piece of design and are held securely in place by magnets that are strong enough to keep contents safe but are easy to slide open and won’t trap little fingers when closing them up.

Lightweight and portable, we have designed these eco-friendly lunchboxes to fit in a school bag without any fuss. They are strong too, so no cracked lunchboxes after a game of bag football!

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