More Information On Our Large Containers

This container helps eliminate plastic:  Light and strong - allowing years of use to store dry foods such as rice, beans, and coffee. Also, take half a dozen empties with you when shopping to fill up, bring home, and put straight into your cupboard. No packaging, no waste.

Hand-crafted in our workshop: This container takes over 24 hours to make using 3D printers and is hand finished and carefully inspected. We have designed and crafted it to last for years and to be stronger and lighter than glass, to be plant-based, and to be biodegradable.

 Fantastic Plant Plastic

 🌱 Plant-Based:  This container is made out of polylactic acid (PLA), a plant-based bioplastic. The material is created by fermenting plant sugars - e.g. carrots - and processed into the raw material that we craft into this jar. Micro-organisms - both fungi and bacteria - do the fermenting!

 🐞 Biodegradable: If after years of useful life you want to compost this container, simply put it in an insulated compost bin. Add a handful of soil to introduce the composting process and as it matures, turn it fortnightly to keep the naturally occurring microbes working.

 👅 No Taste:  Unlike many plastics, PLA is tasteless - making it excellent for holding high quality foods such as gourmet coffee or tea.

 🐝 No Toxins: PLA does not contain or release any toxins and is completely bisphenol A (BPA) free.

Strong: Drop one of these containers from a high shelf onto a stone floor and it’ll just bounce and be fine - the lid is likely to stay on too!

Capacity: 1 Litre volume. That’s large enough to hold 320g of coffee - a standard coffee pack is 230g so there’s room for the scoop in there as well. It can also hold 740g of rice or 725g of butter beans – the same as a Kilner jar.

Weight: Just 270 grams, so 40% of the weight of a standard glass storage jar. Five of our jars weigh about the same as just two glass jars.

Dimensions: 110 mm diameter x 148 mm tall – the same volume and diameter as a regular glass container but 7mm shorter, saving space.

Stackable: You can safely stack these containers five high and they’ll also stack neatly on top of other jars of the same size.

Long Lasting:  This container will give you years of service. Here's how to look after your jar -

 ☂️ Dry Goods Only: This container is not guaranteed to be waterproof so use it for dry goods, not liquids.

 💧 Handwash Only: Handwash normally in your sink – our jars will be fine to about 50℃.

 🔥 No Ovens, No Microwaves, No Dishwashers: Avoid heating the container above 50℃ and keep away from direct heat.

🌾 Foodsafe: This container is foodsafe for dry goods but avoid wet or damp foods such as cheese or butter.

 ☔️ Doesn’t take on Water. The walls of this container are 100% solid, so it doesn’t absorb water when washed.  It won’t dissolve either!

❄️ Fine in Freezers and Fridges: The container is fantastic for storing food in fridges and freezers.