Why Bioaware?

Children have said that Bioaware is “Hope in a Jar”. This is why we exist.

Humanity is facing a triple crisis - climate, environment, and our wellbeing or health. A key driver behind environmental and wellbeing deterioration is pollution or toxins. Consequently, we believe in:

  • A circular and sustainable lifecycle for the things we use – things that come from the soil and return to the soil.
  • Joining in and changing the world through action - by manifesting actual things that make a difference and inspire others to catalyse change. Let science lead.
  • Providing substitutes and practical alternatives.
  • Harnessing existing, viable and proven technologies to accelerate bringing about changes needed in the world.
  • Long life, durable, strong and robust goods.
  • That personal, household and industrial items are best made of natural materials so they come from and return to nature without toxins.