Medium (M) Containers - 0.5 Litres - "Nuts, Dried Fruit"

Our plastic free, biodegradable medium food storage containers are perfect for storing nuts, dried fruit or snacks. Perfectly sized to stack up in the store cupboard or leave out on the work surface, they are also ideal for taking on picnics or dropping into school bags for a healthy snack time. Of course, the jar will not pass taste or toxins into the contents. No Toxins. No Taste.

The one size of lid fits all of our jars (they are all 110mm in diameter) so no more hunting around for the right lid for a given size.  

The colour of the lid can be picked independently from the base. 

If after years of useful life you want to compost this container, simply put it in an insulated compost bin and it will eventually biodegrade into natural organic material. Zero Waste.

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